"An unexecpted Error has occurred!"

Reported by Mike on OCTGN · 05/01/2011 07:10:52

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This is my first time posting so please forgive if I’m leaving something out. I will do by best to check back and reply to help troubleshoot, as needed. I also want to say we love using OCTGN, but of course are unhappy when hours of play end up lost being unable to finish a game. We would love a save feature to help with this btw! :)

While playing with friends (usually 3-4 total) re OCTGN w/ A Game of Thrones with the latest version of OCTGN ( tonight) occasionally one of us will get an error in game. Please note we have been using OCTGN for over a year and we have had errors in the past and simply started over OR stopped playing when it did happen (about 20% of the time I’d guess?). I wish I could point at what I believe triggers them each time, but I’ll hold off on guessing assuming the bug report I can provide will give better info then what we’re doing in game that we think may be a culprit. It happens regardless of which of us host a game also.

If a person not hosting is the one receiving the error they don’t close out of the error/pop so that the players remaining without an error can continue playing, but the one with an error is unable to continue playing. I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, I attached the error text as a .txt file hoping that helps for the error I received tonight, and we’ll do our best to post future bugs via this account. I appreciate any help you can provide on how we can play and avoid these errors in the future.

Thanks much!



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