Closed bugs

# Status Title Assigned to Last update Priority
417 Discarded Cannot Play Online jods Aug 2011 Normal
416 Discarded new version of magic 10.0 jods Aug 2011 Normal
405 Discarded No right-click options on the deck work jods Jul 2011 Normal
400 Discarded Bug when installing jods Jun 2011 Normal
399 Discarded Graphics "glitching" when using OCTGN jods Jun 2011 Normal
392 Solved Table group card scripts fail when card is over 1000 distance in x or y jods Jun 2011 Normal
391 Solved isInverted doesn't work jods Jun 2011 Normal
386 Solved Is it possible to be approved for the forum? jods May 2011 Normal
385 Discarded "AN Unexpected Error Has Occured" Unable to Install jods May 2011 Normal
384 Discarded Unique identifier per a card? jods May 2011 Normal
383 Solved "The assembly reference is not installed on your system" jods May 2011 Normal
380 Solved Animated window resizing bug jods Jun 2011 Normal
374 Solved A way to manipulate the shared counters jods May 2011 Normal
373 Discarded Cannot perform counter manipulation jods May 2011 Normal
372 Discarded me.counters['Name'] does not return the value, but seemingly a pointer(?) jods May 2011 Normal
371 Solved A Simple OK Confirm window jods May 2011 Normal
369 Solved table.create Bug jods May 2011 Normal
368 Discarded Comparison cannot match RGB code using capital letters jods May 2011 Normal
364 Solved mute() only mutes adding/removing markers on the user's client jods May 2011 Normal
363 Solved an unexpected error has occured jods May 2011 Normal
361 Solved crash: Moving a group of cards to your hand (with tokens) jods May 2011 Normal
360 Duplicate table.create doesn't follow the correct coordinates in 2-sided table jods May 2011 Normal
359 Discarded After installing second game cards disappear jods Apr 2011 Normal
358 Discarded Error on start: "Value cannot be null" jods Mar 2011 Normal
357 Solved issues jods May 2011 Normal
356 Discarded Cannot install .o8s jods Mar 2011 Normal
354 Solved unexpected error after updating to latest version. jods Mar 2011 Normal
352 Discarded Error when i start the game jods May 2011 Normal
348 Solved Table.create() should be able to return the new card jods May 2011 Normal
347 Discarded An unexpected error has occured. jods Feb 2011 Normal
344 Discarded Face Up/Down & Visibility jods Feb 2011 Normal
342 Discarded Desk can be moved only using tricky scrolling jods Feb 2011 Normal
339 Solved Application Crash with Backtrace jods Feb 2011 Normal
338 Solved Manage Installed Games Error jods Feb 2011 Normal
337 Solved Ribbon Bug causes octgn to freeze jods Feb 2011 Normal
336 Solved Remove packs from the sealed list jods Feb 2011 Normal
334 Solved System.ArgumentNullException when cloning a morphed card jods Jan 2011 Normal
333 Discarded Using Start Game (octgn2) does nothing jods Jan 2011 Normal
330 Solved Hard Reset doesn't reset everything jods Jan 2011 Normal
329 Discarded Error installing game file jods Dec 2010 Normal
328 Discarded Error creating a token jods Jan 2011 Normal
326 Discarded Error installing OCTGN jods Dec 2010 Normal
325 Solved Error updating OCTGN jods Dec 2010 Normal
324 Solved Repeated actions cause all actions to stop working jods Dec 2010 Normal
321 Solved get/set counters still not working jods Dec 2010 High
319 Duplicate Reset Table to origional position jods Nov 2010 Normal
318 Solved set/getcounter action tags for mult. counters don't work properly jods Dec 2010 Normal
317 Solved Cannot view top cards of deck and rearrange without bug occuring jods Nov 2010 Normal
316 Discarded Sealed filters for other games? jods Dec 2010 Normal
315 Discarded Making a set file with only decks in it jods Nov 2010 Normal
312 Solved Extending character limitation for packs jods Oct 2010 Normal
309 Solved Changing card order in client doesn't always change the order in server's game jods Oct 2010 Normal
307 Discarded Version connection issue jods Oct 2010 Normal
306 Solved Possible Bug that is causing OCTGN to lag and crash jods Oct 2010 Normal
303 Discarded Limited Games with SoM set _v0.8 on MTG Game 1.0.1 jods Jan 2011 Normal
301 Discarded Join/Create game and deck edit Error jods Nov 2010 Normal
300 Duplicate Join/Create game and d jods Nov 2010 Normal
299 Discarded Trouble with Legends jods Oct 2010 Normal
297 Solved [Reveal] Card identity doesn't match. One client is buggy or tries to cheat. jods Oct 2010 Normal
296 Duplicate Error towards end of game. jods Oct 2010 Normal
295 Discarded Windows XP completeley freezes jods Oct 2010 Normal
292 Duplicate Game Error jods Oct 2010 Normal
291 Discarded Issue at Command Zone jods Jul 2010 Normal
290 Discarded Crash when adding +1/+1 counter jods Jul 2010 Normal
289 Discarded Close and Shuffle jods Jul 2010 Normal
286 Duplicate Draw Many still draws when closed jods Jun 2010 Normal
285 Discarded Main frame not refresh jods Nov 2010 Normal
284 Discarded Bug when trying to place +1/+1 counters on any creature jods Jun 2010 Normal
282 Duplicate Closing "draw x cards" dialogue jods Jun 2010 Normal
281 Solved OCTGN crashes when trying to update game definition file jods Jun 2010 Normal
280 Solved Cards played as rotated render as unrotated jods Jan 2011 High
279 Discarded Problem Downloading OCTGN jods Jun 2010 Normal
278 Solved Two sided table issue when joining game jods Jun 2010 Normal
277 Solved SVN Issue jods May 2010 Normal
275 Discarded Crash in jods May 2010 Normal
274 Solved Unable to Load Decks jods Jan 2011 Normal
272 Discarded Windows 7 x86 "Application cannot be started" with .Net 4.0 jods May 2010 Normal
271 Discarded OCTGN Game wont install, crashes OCTGN jods May 2010 Normal
270 Discarded Can't even start a new game with jods May 2010 Normal
269 Solved Not Able to View Deck/Graveyard/Exile/Sideboard zones if collapsed jods May 2010 Normal
268 Discarded viewing your opponent's piles jods May 2010 Normal
266 Discarded Crash when trying to start a game or edit/create a deck OCTGN 7.* on windows 7 x64. jods May 2010 Normal
265 Discarded Save Sealed Deck/Sort by color jods May 2010 Normal
264 Discarded Put into Play on wrong side jods May 2010 Normal
263 Solved setversion not in XSD schema jods May 2010 Normal
262 Solved Crashing bug with graveyard/exile zones v0.7.3.4 jods May 2010 Normal
262 Discarded numpad/numbers as hotkeys jods May 2010 Normal
261 Solved Tried to build a new deck - error occurt jods May 2010 Normal
260 Solved Graphics Refresh jods May 2010 Normal
258 Solved Marker numbers not centered all the way jods May 2010 Low
257 Solved OCTGN crashing error (can duplicate it every time) jods May 2010 Normal
256 Solved Marker number on cards now blurry jods May 2010 Normal
255 Solved Cannot connect/be connected to with new IPv6 jods May 2010 Normal
254 Solved Deck Editor crashes when removing a filter jods May 2010 Normal
252 Solved Vista 64 Issues with jods May 2010 Normal
251 Solved Can't connect with users anymore on the new update jods May 2010 Normal
250 Solved Installation crash jods May 2010 Normal
247 Solved Trouble Installing OCTGN jods Apr 2010 Normal
241 Duplicate possible to added grouped group/cardactions? jods Apr 2010 Normal
240 Duplicate having a shared group disables print to chat jods Apr 2010 Normal
239 Solved Shared jods Apr 2010 Normal
238 Discarded shuffle wont work, when cards a freshly moved jods Jan 2011 Normal
235 Solved get/setcounter not working jods Apr 2010 Normal
234 Solved OCTGN Install Error jods May 2010 Normal
233 Discarded Crash when trying to install magic jods Mar 2010 Normal
232 Solved Action script order jods Dec 2010 High
230 Solved Count Marker action jods May 2010 Normal
228 Discarded Move Marker to bottom instead of top. jods Mar 2010 Normal
227 Solved Orientation tag works backwards jods Mar 2010 Normal
224 Discarded Drawing multiple cards jods Mar 2010 Normal
222 Solved [Reveal] Card identity doesn't match. One client is buggy or tries to cheat. jods Nov 2010 Normal
220 Solved CRASH when was searching library jods Apr 2010 Normal
218 Duplicate next crash before drew cards jods Feb 2010 Normal
212 Discarded crash in deckeditor jods Feb 2010 Normal
211 Discarded crash in deckeditor jods Feb 2010 Normal
209 Duplicate different cards back jods Feb 2010 Normal
208 Discarded can't run 2 instances of different games jods Feb 2010 Normal
206 Discarded Exiled Zone groupactions not visible in the menu jods Feb 2010 Normal
205 Solved Make markers more legible jods Mar 2010 High
204 Discarded Problem with a menu jods Oct 2010 Normal
203 Discarded Mulligan crashes program jods Feb 2010 Normal
201 Duplicate cant see opponent cards jods Apr 2010 Normal
200 Discarded connection issue jods Apr 2010 Normal
199 Duplicate OCTGN2 Crash while Reset jods Feb 2010 Normal
198 Discarded Sealed: 3 cards in each set will never be drawn jods Feb 2010 Normal
197 Solved Sealed: 3 cards in each set will never be drawn jods Feb 2010 Normal
195 Solved Option to move card in play to bottom of Deck when right clicking the card jods Feb 2010 Normal
193 Discarded can't install/uninstall game jods Jan 2010 Normal
192 Solved Crash in 1 v1 jods Dec 2010 High
191 Solved crash during 1 vs 1 , random game jods Jan 2010 Normal
189 Duplicate Mulligan in WoW jods Feb 2010 Normal
188 Solved Crashes when I load Magic game definition file jods Jan 2010 Normal
187 Discarded Opening a window in OCTGN jods Jan 2010 Normal
186 Solved Closing game table caused a crash jods Jan 2010 Normal
184 Solved VirtualStore issues in Windows Vista and 7 jods May 2010 Low
183 Solved View Library filter string doesn't work. jods Jan 2010 Normal
182 Solved Exit after Save reports 'unsaved changes' jods Jan 2010 Normal
181 Solved New "option" tag jods Jan 2010 Normal
179 Solved Keyboard shortcut on group actions should work globally jods Jan 2010 Normal
178 Solved Adding Counters improvement jods Oct 2010 Normal
174 Discarded Loading/Saving decks doesn't save back to the same file that was loaded jods Feb 2010 Normal
173 Discarded Ctrl-M doesn't work for Mulligan jods Jan 2010 Normal
172 Discarded Ctrl-D doesn't work to draw a card jods Jan 2010 Normal
171 Discarded Ctrl-S doesn't work to shuffle deck jods Jan 2010 Normal
169 Discarded Expand "2 sided table" options jods Jan 2010 Normal
168 Discarded O2 0.7 Crash in Windows XP SP3 jods Feb 2010 Normal
166 Solved OCTGN 0.7 crash upon starting/joining a game jods Jan 2010 Normal
165 Solved Viewing graveyard/RFG jods May 2010 High
164 Solved Weird Error Message jods Feb 2010 Normal
163 Solved Server lock up by "Two-sided table" status repeatedly changing jods Feb 2010 Normal
162 Solved Revealed Decks after Reset creates ? cards jods Jan 2011 High
161 Solved Showing deck to opponent / Viewing cards in opponent's graveyard and RFG piles jods Jan 2010 Normal
157 Discarded Cards become ? when player leaves the game jods Nov 2009 Normal
155 Solved OCTGN crashing when double clicking a card to put into play from hand jods Nov 2009 Normal
153 Discarded Can't shuffle deck using shortcut with two or more players. jods Jan 2010 Normal
150 Solved <addmarker> improperly handles qty="0" jods Nov 2009 Normal
149 Solved Targeting arrow gets reflecting when card crosses double-sided table jods Nov 2009 Normal
148 Solved in-game drag-and-drop card borders are incorrect jods Nov 2009 Normal
147 Solved removemarker action causes crash when no marker id is provided jods Nov 2009 Normal
146 Solved Crash occurs when uninstalled token is created jods Nov 2009 Normal
145 Discarded addmarker name attribute does nothing jods Nov 2009 Normal
144 Solved Crash occurs when empty deck is loaded jods Nov 2009 Normal
143 Discarded Feature requests and bug in game def scripting jods Nov 2009 Normal
142 Solved Can't stop shuffling jods Mar 2010 Normal
141 Discarded Deck Builder jods Oct 2009 Normal
140 Discarded Not able to generate game IP jods Oct 2009 Normal
139 Discarded i was helping a friend install OCTGN2.. and sets appear corrupt... jods Oct 2009 Normal
138 Solved persistent variables jods Mar 2010 High
137 Solved Token Creation jods Nov 2009 Normal
136 Solved Using Draw Many reporting cards drawn when they aren't. jods Dec 2010 High
135 Solved Removing Counters does not report to log/chat jods Nov 2009 Normal
134 Discarded Cannot continue, application improperly formatted jods Oct 2009 Normal
133 Discarded Can't Install jods Nov 2009 Normal
132 Discarded Error playing online and using card search jods Oct 2009 Normal
131 Solved TargetInvocationException (active card moved to library) jods Oct 2009 Normal
130 Solved Telling Time Error jods Oct 2009 Normal
129 Duplicate Problem with Draw 7 cards jods Sep 2009 Normal
128 Discarded Sideboard cards don't show to opponent jods Nov 2009 Normal
127 Solved Drag Box becomes stuck after Right Click jods Oct 2009 Normal
126 Solved variable add markers may be bugged jods Oct 2009 Normal
125 Solved Warning during first launch jods Oct 2009 Normal
124 Solved random discard isn't 100% random jods Sep 2009 Normal
123 Solved Unable to run 2+ instances of OCTGN jods Sep 2009 Normal
121 Solved Copying IP to clipboard results in crash jods Oct 2009 Normal
120 Solved Duplicate Card / Token jods May 2010 High
119 Discarded Create a new token jods Sep 2009 Normal
118 Discarded No way to select multiple cards in hand to drag into play or discard pile yet. jods Aug 2009 Normal
117 Solved Viewing Bottom X cards of Library. jods Aug 2009 Normal
116 Solved Unable to Host a Game jods Aug 2009 Normal
115 Solved Mathematical functions on action tags jods Dec 2010 High
114 Solved Print card properties jods Dec 2010 High
113 Discarded Move table with mouse jods Aug 2009 Normal
112 Solved Having many tokens makes the dialog slow to open jods Oct 2009 High
111 Solved Invalid IP causes program to crash in "Join an existing game" jods Aug 2009 Normal
108 Solved Tables and Game Boards jods Aug 2009 Normal
107 Solved Standard Marker displayed wrong to opponent jods Aug 2009 Normal
106 Discarded Cards not displaying to opponents when installed sets mismatch jods Aug 2009 Normal
103 Solved Shared Summary missing jods Aug 2009 Normal
102 Solved "Close and shuffle" reveals new top card jods Sep 2009 Low
100 Discarded Moving cards into play too fast? jods Aug 2009 Normal
99 Solved Closing an option window causes unexpected behavior. jods Dec 2010 High
98 Solved Changing your name jods Aug 2009 Normal
97 Discarded Install set file issue jods May 2009 Normal
96 Discarded just tried to install. jods Jun 2009 Normal
87 Duplicate An unexpected error has occured! jods Apr 2009 Normal
86 Solved Crash in Launcher (prob. culture-related) jods Aug 2009 High
85 Discarded Clarification about power/toughness filters jods Apr 2009 Normal
83 Discarded Editor filter unuseful jods Apr 2009 Normal
82 Discarded Install Problem jods Apr 2009 Normal
81 Solved Octgn2 Deck Editor Hates Vista jods Nov 2010 Normal
80 Solved highlight test jods Aug 2009 Normal
79 Discarded Shoutcut Nullifies Default jods Mar 2009 Normal
78 Discarded Can't install. jods Mar 2009 Normal
77 Discarded "Take control" bug jods Apr 2009 Normal
76 Solved Editor Crash jods Mar 2009 Normal
74 Solved Deleting installed set file causes octgn to crash jods Mar 2009 Normal
73 Discarded Card Borders jods Feb 2009 Normal
72 Discarded Install Failure on Windows 7 jods Feb 2009 Normal
71 Duplicate Crashes with more than two people jods Feb 2009 Normal
70 Duplicate Crash on Reset jods Aug 2009 Normal
69 Solved Negative Counters jods Feb 2009 Normal
68 Discarded Install Failure on Windows XP Pro jods Apr 2009 Normal
67 Discarded set card with turn 180 dec jods Oct 2009 Normal
66 Duplicate Crash on multiplayer shuffle jods Jan 2009 Normal
65 Solved non-1v1 Shuffle/Mulligan error jods Jan 2009 High
64 Solved Updating a Game Definition Makes you reisntall all card sets jods Jan 2009 Normal
63 Discarded Can't install/run jods Aug 2009 Normal
62 Duplicate filter, cost starts with b, search = error jods Mar 2009 Normal
61 Discarded Trying to connect to a player jods Aug 2009 Normal
60 Discarded Error when attempting to Start a game jods Dec 2008 Normal
59 Discarded Error installing jods Dec 2008 Normal
57 Solved Focus and shortcuts on table jods Jan 2009 Normal
56 Solved Reset counters jods Mar 2010 Normal
54 Solved Deck List Filters jods Mar 2009 High
52 Discarded Several Requested Features jods Mar 2009 Normal
50 Solved No Internet IP Bug jods Jan 2009 Low
49 Solved Deck editor loading deck files bug jods Nov 2008 Severe
48 Solved Multiple selection in hand jods Jan 2010 Normal
47 Solved Action shortcuts don't work with Selection jods Jan 2009 High
45 Discarded Bring to front tap jods Oct 2008 Normal
44 Solved Double Click Start Game jods Oct 2008 Normal
43 Solved Sending multiple cards to top of the library jods Oct 2008 Normal
42 Solved Text shadow in chat window jods Oct 2008 Normal
41 Solved Discard a random card from hand jods Aug 2009 Normal
38 Solved View cards in groups jods Jan 2010 Low
36 Solved Shuffle deck when load jods Oct 2008 Low
35 Solved Wrong LAN IP address jods Apr 2010 Normal
34 Discarded Restart needed after game installed jods Oct 2008 Normal
33 Solved Crash - When installing new cards jods Oct 2008 Normal
31 Solved Submenus for Actions jods Oct 2010 Normal
30 Discarded Mulligan jods Oct 2008 Normal
28 Solved Reseting the table with active targeting arrows crashes the program jods Oct 2008 High
27 Discarded Duplicate markers jods Oct 2008 Normal
26 Solved Move several cards to the bottom of a pile jods Oct 2008 High
24 Discarded Loading a deck while having a deck in play keeps both decks. jods Oct 2008 Normal
21 Solved Game will not start Vista jods Oct 2008 Normal
20 Solved Game Management & Decks jods Oct 2008 Normal
19 Solved "Move To" command in context menu jods Mar 2009 Normal
18 Solved Tokens support jods Mar 2009 High
17 Solved Add key indicator inside player tabs jods Jan 2009 High
15 Solved Have players face each other like on a real table. jods Apr 2009 High
13 Discarded Sealed and Rarity handling jods Oct 2008 Normal
12 Solved Draw while shuffling causes a crash jods Oct 2008 High
11 Solved Viewing X cards. jods Sep 2009 High
10 Solved No log for deck searching jods Sep 2009 Low
9 Discarded Log shows cards name when it shouldn't jods Oct 2008 Normal
8 Solved Unwillingly showing card in hand jods Oct 2008 Normal
6 Solved Send to Back / Bring to front resets card orientation. jods Oct 2008 Low
5 Solved Missing resource in "About" dialog jods Oct 2008 Low
4 Solved Change database software jods Oct 2008 High
3 Solved Double-clicking empty markers box jods Oct 2008 Normal
2 Solved Markers on cards outside the table jods Oct 2008 Normal
1 Solved Answer "no" to a confirm action crashes jods Oct 2008 High