Face-down cards appear face-up.

Reported by Colter Cookson on OCTGN · 27/06/2011 04:38:25

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For Thunderstone, I need to create a large stack of cards on the table, get some information about the cards in it, and turn it face down. This works fine when I am playing by myself. If I have an opponent, the stack will often render face up for everyone except the player that created it. This happens even though I see card backs in the magnified view when I hover my mouse over the cards.

The problem occurs every time or almost every time when I am playing with two copies of OCTGN running on the same computer. I suspect it occurs less frequently when people connect by Internet.

To help players get around this problem, I tried to create a “Turn D. Deck Face Down” table group command that turns all the cards in the stack face up, then face down. This did not work.

To see the problem:
1. Download and install Thunderstone 2.0.0 for Bug Report.o8g and Thunderstone Set 1.0.2.o8s.
2. Start a game with at least two players.
3. Right-click on the table, click “Start Game,” and say no when you’re asked if you want to use cards from Wrath of the Elements.

Cards should appear. The stack of concern is in the upper right corner of the table, with disease cards to its right and three cards below it.

I have tried two workarounds:
1. Using a while loop and the time command to pause the script for half a second, one second, or five seconds between creating the cards and turning them face down; and
2. Using a for loop and rnd(1, 100) to generate 1, 10, 25, 50, or 100 random numbers in the same place.

The second workaround solves the problem as long I generate at least 50 numbers. However, it also allows the player to see the stack’s top card while it is faceup. I can cover the card, so this isn’t a major issue. Having said that, it would be nice if facedown cards always rendered as facedown.


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