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Reported by murrant on OCTGN · 05/05/2009 02:23:21

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Deck Builder
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I was thinking about helping you come up with ideas for the Deck Editor. First, I’ve got a toolbar mock up for you sometime later I’ll do something for the search ui.

With the deck editor, there seems to be very few actions so a toolbar can hold all items and is much quicker than a menu.

First, we have the Game selection drop down. This sets the game for all other purposes (searches, new file, save file, etc)

New button – (pulls from game selection)

Open button – Opens a file, sets the game drop down automatically based on what game the file is.

Save button – Grayed out unless there have been changes since last save.

Save As button – also grayed when unchanged

Import Button – this imports decks from other formats. (this might be tricky for different games but most files seem the same and just contain the names of the cards) This feature I feel is pretty import to have at least somewhat working, it is a big time saver.

When you close a deck (or the deck editor) it should only ask to save changes if changes have been made.

Don’t show all cards on load (this takes a long time on my computer with ~15k cards). Possibly, there should be a list all cards button, I’ll cover this when I do my search ui mock up.

Thanks, Hope this helps you come up with a design.


  • octgn2-toolbar.png

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