Open bugs in version "0.7.*"

# Status Title Assigned to Last update Priority
313 New Search for missing card image jods Nov 2010 Normal
311 New Nasty bug regarding deck editor and card properties jods Oct 2010 Normal
310 New refresh installed files button jods Oct 2010 Normal
308 New Application cannot be started jods Oct 2010 Normal
305 New Zoom via scroll wheel not working on laptop touchpad jods Sep 2010 Normal
294 New "Application cannot be started" install error jods Jul 2010 Normal
293 New Move Marker data to the game definition jods Jul 2010 Normal
288 New Deck Builder Crash jods Jul 2010 Normal
287 New Preparing to Shuffle jods Jul 2010 Normal
283 Verified Deck Editor crashes if set path has special characters jods Jun 2010 Low
276 New Remember window locations and sizes last used jods May 2010 Normal
273 New Load Deck reset (Personal only) jods May 2010 Normal
267 Verified Marker numbers not centered all the way jods May 2010 Low
259 Verified Loading a deck to the global tab jods Jan 2011 Normal
253 New OCTGN Window smaller in new update? jods May 2010 Normal
249 New Player-Defined Zones jods Apr 2010 Normal
248 New LIbrary visibility jods Apr 2010 Normal
246 New Hidden Card Actions jods Apr 2010 Normal
244 New Card action menu inside pile views jods Apr 2010 Normal
243 New Selecting multiple cards that you don't control jods Apr 2010 Normal
242 New adding line spacer to the menu jods Apr 2010 Normal
237 New hide counters from other players jods Apr 2010 Normal
236 New cards on table are blank, when player section is visible to any jods Apr 2010 Normal
231 New OCTGN kicks my friend out jods Mar 2010 Normal
229 New Moving cards into play jods Mar 2010 Normal
226 New Crash in Deck Editor jods Mar 2010 Normal
223 New Moving cards to bottom of pile. jods Mar 2010 Normal
221 New Two sided table issues jods Feb 2010 Normal
219 Verified Unexpected Error occured in deck builder jods Feb 2010 Normal
217 New crash when played spell jods Feb 2010 Normal
216 New deck editor bug jods Feb 2010 Normal
210 New reading cards directly from website jods Feb 2010 Normal
207 New Option to move cards in discard to bottom of deck. jods Feb 2010 Normal
196 Verified Card Collection Library jods Feb 2010 Low
185 Verified Option to save game log jods Jan 2010 Low
167 New Octgn crashes mid-game jods Feb 2010 Normal