Open bugs in version "0.9.*"

# Status Title Assigned to Last update Priority
428 New Crash on start-up jods Aug 15 Normal
421 New Error installing Game Definitions jods Oct 2011 Normal
415 New Configurable Separator for tokens field jods Jul 2011 Normal
414 New IRC Chat client crashing when submitting an empty line jods Jul 2011 Normal
413 New Loading cards into visibility=all zones cannot be seen by other players jods Jul 2011 Normal
412 New Clipping on horizontal cards jods Jul 2011 Normal
408 New GIF support for animated cards jods Jul 2011 Normal
406 New deck editor - cannot highlight multiple cards to add to deck. jods Jul 2011 Normal
402 New Joining an external server (better integration into lobby software) jods Jun 2011 Normal
401 New Face-down cards appear face-up. jods Jun 2011 Normal
398 New error while loading deck jods May 2011 Normal
397 New Feature: Python command to permanently destroy cards jods May 2011 Normal
396 New Having to click the game to install sets first jods May 2011 Normal
395 New python - move to back/front and changing z coordinate on table jods May 2011 Normal
394 New Deck Builder Filter additions jods May 2011 Normal
393 New New shuffle functionality jods May 2011 Normal
390 New Allow different colours for more than 2 players jods May 2011 Normal
389 New Allow scripts to whisper to another player jods May 2011 Normal
388 New patching sometimes corrupts set definitions jods May 2011 Normal
387 New Saving game/state jods May 2011 Normal
382 New Add an empty dictionary for each player in the global player array jods May 2011 Normal
381 New Make the whisper text a different colour jods May 2011 Normal
379 New A way to "link" cards to each others on the table jods May 2011 Normal
378 New Decks won't shuffle jods May 2011 Normal
377 New Crash: Multiplayer removing cards from table. jods May 2011 Normal
376 New Player tab does not move back down when you collapse/open decks. jods May 2011 Normal
370 New Error trying to join a game on the net jods Apr 2011 Normal
367 New Allow different card sizes jods Apr 2011 Normal
366 New the 4 sided table jods Apr 2011 Normal
365 New Allowing Players to load custom backgrounds. jods Apr 2011 Normal
362 New Octgn has stopped working jods Apr 2011 Normal
355 New Snap to Grid jods Mar 2011 Normal
353 New Legal set lists and banned card lists jods Mar 2011 Normal
351 New Multiple sets filter jods Feb 2011 Normal
349 New Save/Load Limited pools jods Feb 2011 Normal
346 New floating group window jods Feb 2011 Normal
345 New global hand group jods Feb 2011 Normal
343 New multiple choice boxes instead of just yes and no jods Feb 2011 Normal
341 New Card image (and text) is too small on eee-pc jods Feb 2011 Normal
340 New Splitter request jods Feb 2011 Normal
335 New Look at pile, Python action jods Jan 2011 Normal
332 New OCTGN window crash jods Jan 2011 Normal
331 New "An unexecpted Error has occurred!" jods Jan 2011 Normal
327 Verified Ask for patches before installing a new game def version jods Dec 2010 Low
323 New assign persisent variables to individual cards jods Dec 2010 Normal
322 New card-specific python scripting in set files jods Dec 2010 Normal
245 New reveal card name jods Dec 2010 Low